India’s most reputed franchise, IIT, also known as the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta is all prepared to start an advanced programme in FinTech and financial blockchain for all the professionals under management and financial stream. The Institute is going to join hands with TalentSprint, a digital platform that offers certificate and approved courses in Machine Learning, Artifical Intelligence, and Blockchain etc.  To deal with Blockchain issues and problems, you can contact the professionals at any time. Dial Blockchain customer support number (800) 861-8259 and avail the best possible solutions in the least possible time. The team is at your service to support you in the best possible way.

IIM Calcutta:- Programme Director

IIM Calcutta Programme Director

The Programme Director of IIM Calcutta, Indranil Bose informed the news portal Asian age that most of the firms under the banking and financial sector have believed in the fact that the scarcity in FinTech talent is going to be an existential hazard to their upcoming time. Also, the FinTech programme is ben created keeping the factors like finance professionals as well as today’s management in mind, is going to influence and escalate the research and consulting proficiency of IIM Calcutta faculty as well as the inventive labs. IIM is planning to provide and enable FinTech professionals in the next few years.

This programme will be available and offered as the online sessions via the TalentSprint digital platform as well as in the sites of IIM Calcutta. Well, it is not happening for the first time when any Indian Institute has shown interest in blockchain programmes. In the last year, Crypto-News India reported that the Government thinks tank NitiAayog in partnership with Government-based initiative IndiaChain is pondering to execute this practice at premier Indian Institutes such as Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and other colleges that come under the sponsorship of Delhi University.

Along with that, a source acquainted with the developments said that The pilot trials are about to launch soon and once the whole program gets successfully completed, the full-scale implementation will take place. The project is to begin issuing digital certificates on the Blockchain (IndiaChain) from the 2019 batch.

in Blockchain:- IIM Calcutta to Advanced Course

In June 2018, India’s Principal Institute, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) announced that it is planning to introduce an online course on Blockchain technology. Seven IITs from across India including Mumbai, Delhi, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madra, Guwahati, and Roorkee will be offering the Blockchain courses.

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